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Fluent English Communication with Backchanneling

ストラック,アンドリュー N. (STRUC, Andrew N.)

Fluent English Communication with Backchanneling

会話はキャッチボールのようなものです。 ちょっとしたリアクションをすること で、会話を進めることができます。

会話の自然なリズムとペースを保つには、 バックチャネリング(日本語の「相槌」のようなもの)が重要です。

このレッスンでは、英語でのさまざまなリアクションについて学び、より流暢なコミュニケー ションをとるための練習をします。








ストラック,アンドリュー N. (STRUC, Andrew N.)




専門分野:英語教育、Second language acquisition

研究テーマ:Metalinguistic awareness, Needs assessment through learner corpus analysis

My area of specialization is English language education and Second Language Acquisition. I am interested in how people learn languages. I am especially interested in learner language and how learners of English can move toward more natural English. I am involved in the I-Lounge and hope to help make it a place that all students can visit and practice their English or other foreign languages they study here at Reitaku University.



“Life's most persistent and urgent question is,

'What are you doing for others?’”- Martin Luther King, Jr.

This quote is inspiring to me because it is important to ask ourselves

how we influence and help others.

As a teacher,

my job is to help students in their quest to gain knowledge and skills,

and I hope I can have a positive influence on the students I meet.


When I have time and the weather is nice,

I like to go for long bike rides to get exercise and clear my mind.

I also enjoy playing the guitar and listening to music.


If I had the money and time,

I would like to spend a week backcountry camping

in the Rocky Mountains

near my hometown of Calgary, Canada.

I haven’t done this for many years now

but I enjoy the peacefulness and challenges

of being far away from civilization.

It is a wonderful experience.


I don’t know if there is any day I would like to repeat or change.

I am very happy and have made choices

that have brought me to this point in my life

and I wouldn’t want to change anything.

I have had a few accidents which, if I had been more careful,

would not have happened,

but I suppose these have all been valuable learning experiences.


In university, on this campus,

one of the best places a student can visit is the iLounge.

It is a place to practice language, make friends,

and communicate with people from all over the world.

Time spent there is always worthwhile.


There is no one book in particular I would recommend for everyone,

but recently I met a new student

who was interested in becoming a translator

but had no knowledge of what the job involves.

To this student, I recommended reading a book

written by a famous translator

in order to discover the realities and challenges of being a translator.

I would therefore recommend that students actively read

and learn about what interests them.

There is so much information available

but few people take the time to inform themselves.


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